Charleston's Bed
Bug Solution

Bed Bug Heat Pros offers efficient and effective detection treatments for bed bugs. We utilize visual and K-9 inspections to detect bed bug infestation. A specialized treatment plan is created to use the most up to date innovative heat treatments. Learn more about infestation signs and how we can help you eliminate bed bugs in your home or facility.

About Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Heat Treatment is the most effective way to get rid of the entire bed bugs life cycle in just one day. We are able to easily kill these pests in just one treatment by heating the living space to over 120 degrees. The Bed Bug Heat Pro process reaches areas that pesticides cannot. Bed Bug Heat Pros specialize in only bed bugs and effective heat treatments available. All of our technicians have been highly trained by leading industry professionals to use heat to kill bed bugs. All Bed Bug Heat Pro bed bugs treatments are performed using specialized bed bug heat equipment.

Reasons Why People
Choose Us Always


Bed bugs can be identified by their brownish or reddish coloring and small, round bodies. They’re about the size of an apple seed as adults. Bed bugs also do not fly or jump.


There are several ways to detect the presence of bed bugs in a home or facility. The first method is through a visual inspection of the home. Our team examines rooms that are likely to be affected by a visual inspection. Bed bugs will often leave behind rusty stains on sheets and mattresses.


 To exterminate, our method is performed discreetly, using specialized electric heating equipment to exterminate bed bugs at all stages of their life cycles in less than 24 hours.

Bed Bug Dog Detection

The second method of detection is through the use of our bed bug detection K-9. Bed Bug Dog Detection detects any pheromone released by the bed bug.

Why Bed Bug Heat Pros?


Within hours, not days or weeks the heat kills all bed bugs and the eggs


Heat reaches areas that chemicals cannot


The use of a residual pesticide in conjunction with heat is optional


Only one heat treatment is needed 95% of the time


Keep your mattress and furniture if desired after the treatment


  • Our full-service heat treatments include treatment of your entire home or residence. During the treatment, every part of the home will be raised to at least 135 degrees through the use of specialized heaters and fans. Your technician will monitor temperatures, bed bug activity, and will move content around as needed to expose content to heat.

  • Our car heat treatment includes treatment for your entire vehicle. We range from small standard cars up to semis.











  • If you suspect your belongings have been exposed to bed bugs, place them in a garbage bag and drop them off at our facility. We'll ensure your contents are thoroughly cleaned and all bed bugs are removed.







System Rental
  • This system will treat a standard-size bedroom (up to 400SQF) and is ideal for smaller infestations in a single bedroom.
    -Includes heater, fans, extension cords, instructions, and advice.